NFL Trade Rumors: Looking at landing spots for Tua Tagovailoa if Miami Dolphins acquire Deshaun Watson

Written by Doug Rush

NFL Trade Rumors: Looking at landing spots for Tua Tagovailoa if Miami Dolphins acquire Deshaun Watson

The Miami Dolphins appear ready to move on with Deshaun Watson as their next quarterback of the franchise, which leaves Tua Tagovailoa’s future in limbo.

While Tua wants to be the quarterback in Miami, it appears that they don’t want him as the quarterback, especially if the Dolphins are agreeing to trade for Watson and want the legal issues resolved before agreeing to the trade with the Houston Texans.

With that said, if Watson comes to Miami, where does that leave Tua? It leaves him on the trading block, and if so, Miami has at least until Tuesday to trade him before the 4pm deadline. So if that’s the case, where are the best landing spots for the former first round quarterback?

Let’s take a look.

Washington Football Team

If there is a team who needs a quarterback badly right now without having to draft one, it’s definitely Washington. Ryan Fitzpatrick is there on a one-year deal and Taylor Heinicke is not a franchise quarterback.

It could make up for the flop of Dwayne Haskins, who was sent packing by Ron Rivera.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger looks like he’s at the end and the Steelers need to think about life after Big Ben.

Mason Rudolph doesn’t appear to be it, and if Dwayne Haskins isn’t the answer, then maybe a trade for Tua could be the answer for Mike Tomlin.

Seattle Seahawks

This is tricky, but they have to be mentioned because they do need a quarterback right now with Russell Wilson out and Geno Smith not getting it done.

But if Seattle were to trade for Tua, then that means Russell Wilson would have to get moved. But that’s a scenario for a different day if the Seahawks were to get serious for a deal.

Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell has hinted at benching Jared Goff, which almost seems to show his frustrations in his quarterback.

A trade for Tua and starting over could be the way to go in Detroit, as Tua would be more exciting to build with over a disappointing veteran like Goff, who doesn’t seem long for the Lions.

Philadelphia Eagles

Some have wondered if Jalen Hurts is the guy going forward for the Eagles.

If he isn’t, and if the Eagles, who have three first round picks and could use one to deal for a quarterback like Tua.

Denver Broncos

John Elway loves quarterbacks. He’s been trying to figure out the next one ever since Peyton Manning retired in 2016.

They have Drew Lock, but he hasn’t worked out and Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t seem like a long-term option. But Tua would solve that.

Houston Texans

It’s surprising that te Texans aren’t offering to take Tua in a deal for Watson, as he would be better than David Mills.

That is unless, the Texans are just in full-on tank mode for someone else in the 2022 NFL Draft, although this is not the draft to tank for a quarterback in.

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