NFL Reporter Jane Slater Is Getting ROASTED Online Today For Her Internship Tweet

Oh Jane, oh Jane, you just have to be better than that in 2021. Not, that you posted about an unpaid internship when the entire industry does unpaid internships, but the fighting of the Twitter mob and digging in even worse with HORRENDOUS replies and retweets. If you haven’t seen Jane’s initial tweet please see below:

Now, on the surface it is not outwardly horrendous, but Twitter absolutely came after her for the income disparity problems in this country, and the classism that unpaid internships benefit. You can go on either side of the fence, I honestly don’t care, but if you are going to lean into it, try not to be a total idiot and defend your case by saying “I did it, so you have to too”. Completely brainless, and just not how we get better as a society.

Here are some of the tweets responding to her moronic day:

I will be releasing a full video on my thoughts shortly, until then just got to get the news out there that Jane Slater has made the “dumb dumb” list.

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