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NFL Referee’s Favor The Chiefs In Game vs Jets

Written by Tony Ghaul

The New York Jets almost pulled off the upset at home against the Kansas City Chiefs last night.

A crucial no-call in the fourth quarter involving a run for 25 yards by Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes for a first down is clouded by an obvious holding penalty that should have been called.

This was on a third-and-22 and that clear hold by the offensive lineman allowed Mahomes to pick up the first down on a 25-yard run.

Jets and NFL fans were left bewildered by a lack of call on a crucial play that had a serious affect on the outcome of the game.

Here is another questionable call that went the Chiefs way last night.

The Chiefs continually get these calls in close games. Check the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl last year.

Alert to every team in the NFL, you have be ahead of the Chiefs by 10 or more points because the refs are going to give them a bunch of points on bad foul calls. 

Photo courtesy of Black Adam Schefter – Facebook

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