NFL QB Casting Call Series – AFC West Edition

Written by PJG203

While I have not yet seen the Kurt Warner biopic, “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story”, the NFL QB Casting Call series continues! Hopefully with a review of the aforementioned movie in a later edition. Just a quick reminder that I am doing strictly the starting QB’s AT THE BEGINNING of the NFL season. With that cleared up, let’s get to it!

Las Vegas Raiders – Derek Carr

Played by – Marv from Home Alone (Daniel Stern)

This comparison started floating around this year as Derek Carr let his hair go to the point of the famous Wet Bandit himself. Here’s a side to side picture for comparison and science.

‘Nuff Said.

Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes

Played by – Darlene from Roseanne (Sara Gilbert)

Look, it may seem like I don’t like Patrick Mahomes and or the Kansas City Chiefs, as a Vegas Raider fan… You would be correct with that assumption. That being said, this is arguably the only correct casting besides maybe Kermit the Frog. In all seriousness, Sara Gilbert is a talented performer and would portray the future Hall of Famer well.

Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert

Played by – Kurt Russell

When rocking the mane, Justin Herbert is one of the better looking QB’s in the league, totally resembling a younger Hollywood heartthrob in Kurt Russell. With an illustrious career, Herbert would lock in Russell to play him in “The Justin Herbert Story”

Denver Broncos – Teddy Bridgewater

Played by – Derek Luke

Teddy two gloves gets a little bit of a glow-up here. Although, not sure if Luke is working with the same equipment as Teddy

Arguably the best actor on this list so at least we know it would be a well acted performance even if its not as realistic as it could be.

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