NFL QB Casting Call Series – AFC East Edition

In honor of the Kurt Warner biopic, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story coming out, I got the idea to cast an actor/celebrity for each of the starting QB’s in the NFL (going into the season) for their respective biopics (no need to thank me Hollywood). I figured it may make for an easier/quicker read to do it by division, so I’ll do a maybe 2, 3 a day depending and we will see how it goes. Tag the celebrities on social media and let’s see what we can do. so without further adieu, here is the AFC East edition of the NFL QB Casting Call series!

New England Patriots – Mac Jones

Played by: Mac Jones

This was a no brainer. Mac Jones, a former child model/actor would obviously play himself in a Biopic about how Mac Jones picked up right where another potential future movie star down in Tampa did and won a bunch of Super Bowls with Belichick.

Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa

Played by: Alfonso Ribeiro

Young or old, Carlton Banks can bring it, and he also brings the versatility of being an athlete as well. as shown by his Basketball prowess on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen

Played by: Chris Pratt

Another no brainer here as well. Just two of objectively the coolest, most handsome superheroes ever to do it. It was also brought up this year and Josh Allen himself said he would want Pratt to play him in a movie as well.

New York Jets – Zach Wilson

Played by: Ansel Elgort

I’m sure there were a couple of options here but Ansel came to mind, specifically from A Fault in Our Stars (great movie with Aaron Rodgers new fiance? wife? whatever). As is the point of lists like this, I really hope I can get some back and forth on your thoughts so let us know! Also, Zach Wilson will probably look like he is 12 until he is like 45 and well out of the league so he could probably just play himself after some acting lessons from Mac Jones.

Stay tuned for more of the NFL QB Casting Call Series soon to come!

Anyway, Cheers!

-PJ203 @betspj on the twitter

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