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NFL Profiles: Green Bay Packers

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The Green Bay Packers were formed in 1919 and are the third oldest franchise in the NFL. They are based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and are the last of the small town teams in the competition. The Green Bay Packers play in the NFC (National Football Conference) North Division. Find the odds for a Green Bay Packers win here.

One of the things that makes the Packers really special is that they are the only major league team that is community-owned, not just in the NFL but across all sports at that level in North America. They have played at Lambeau Field since the start of 1957. 

The Packers have a rivalry with the Chicago Bears which is the oldest rivalry in American sporting history. This year the rivalry turned 100. 

The Packers hold the record for most league victories in the NFL (13) and they have won 4 Super Bowl titles. They actually won the first two Super Bowls (in 1966 and 1967). They also hold the record for most season game wins (804) – beating the two teams in the league that are older than them. 

One of the most famous Packers players was Brett Farve who played for the team for 15 years. The team won their first Super Bowl in 30 years with Farve at the helm. Their starting quarterback is now Aaron Rodgers, with whom the Packers won their most recent Super Bowl in 2010. 

Key Players (2021 season)

The Packers’ chances of claiming their 5th Super Bowl title will depend on their team and key players. Here are the 4 players we think could make the difference for the Packers this year. 

Aaron Rodgers 

We briefly touched on Rodgers in the section above, he was drafted in 2005 and has been a cornerstone of the team since Brett Farve moved to the Jets. Rodgers has only won the  Super Bowl once with the Packers and has been clear that he intends to win more with the team. He is a 3-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and 9-time Pro Bowl player. 

Aaron Rodgers had an amazing year last year, and the Packers will be hoping for another one like this. We all hope he has a swift recovery from COVID-19. 

Davante Adams

Last season, Adams led the league in receiving touchdowns (18) which was the highest number since Randy Moss had 23 in 2007. Adams has been named on the Pro Team for the last 4 years in a row and is undoubtedly one of the best wide receivers in the NFL at the moment. Adams has also had to take time off this season due to catching COVID-19. 

Za’Darius Smith

Smith had back surgery earlier this season and the Packers are missing his presence on the field. They have expressed hope that he may return by the end of the season. 

David Bakhtiari   

Last season, David Bakhtiari became the highest paid defensive line back of all time. He only played from September to December last season and still managed to make it onto the Pro Team. 

Latest wins 

2019 and 2020 were two of the best seasons the Packers have had in a while, despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic. In both years, they won their division. 

The Packers play in the NFC North division with the Detroit Lions, the Chicago Bears, and the Minnesota Vikings.  They won both seasons comfortably and it looks like things are heading in the same direction this year (with the Lions yet to win a game and both the Bears and Vikings sitting on a 3-5 record). 

Last season, the Packers made it to the Playoff finals but were beaten by the San Francisco 49ers. 

The last time the Packers won the Super Bowl was in 2010. They beat the Steelers and stopped them from winning their 7th title. This was the Packers’ 4th Super Bowl title. 

That year Aaron Rodgers was named NFL and Super Bowl MVP. Many of the members of their Super Bowl winning team were also invited to the Pro Bowl that year. 

Their current head coach, Matt LaFleur, has only been with them since 2019 but has made a big impact on the team since joining. Many questioned the team’s choice as LaFleur took up the role at age 36. 

Chances of Winning this year 

As we mentioned above, the Packers have won their division for the past two years and last year they made it into the NFC finals. 

The Packers are currently top of their division table by quite a long way, having currently recorded more wins this season than the other three teams combined. We would be very shocked if they did not win their division this year. 

Will they make it any further? Well, that is hard to tell. The team has lost quite a few of its key players to injury and they have had a large number of COVID-19 cases this year. 

However, if they manage to get enough players back on the pitch in time for the postseason, then they stand a good chance of playing it to the Playoff finals again. 

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