Written by Jluebby2391

Man these pro bowl games could be so good…. Just imagine if it were after the super bowl like it should be. You could have a strongest arm challenge with Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow.

Everyone would tune in for that. Let’s get an ole fashioned tug of war challenge with the AFC best oline vs the NFC best oline. Hell yeah! Fastest man challenge? Uh yeah sign me up. Tyreek vs DK . Come on man that would be awesome. If you’re gonna do the golf thing make it good.

Take the AFC offensive and defensive MVP VS. NFC offensive and defensive MVP and let them duke it out for 9 holes. Sign me up for that shit right now. I think the NFL is on the right track with the pro bowl games but they could be so much better! You gotta have the best of the best. No snoop Huntleys making it I mean come on. Do better NFL

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