Many NFL players have been upset recently over the decision to add another regular season game to help with revenue.  The additional one game comes after going with a consistent 16-game regular season since 1978. The main concern is risking possible injury when adding another game considering how many injuries already exists with 16-games being played. Alvin Kamara was recently vocal about it on Twitter when discussing his frustrations, and many NFL players agreed with him.

Kamara wasn’t the only player in the NFL to not like the new rule, many came out on social media to let out their anger. Even though players will be receiving another game check, the risk of putting their bodies through another regular season game doesn’t excite them. Owners are scheduled to decide on whether to approve the expansion during their virtual league meetings Tuesday and Wednesday.

As fans we obviously would love to watch another NFL game but we must think from the players perspectives. It’s hard enough for some players to make it though a 16-game season healthy so I can’t imagine making it more demanding physically and mentally to get through.


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