In a rare occurrence, a coyote encounter took place in Las Vegas, a city more accustomed to hosting entertainment than wildlife. Unlike the Arizona NHL team’s occasional visits, coyotes are not typically associated with the bustling desert metropolis.

One NFL player found himself unexpectedly entangled in such an encounter this week. As per reports from Las Vegas Locally, the player faced an altercation with a coyote near Lake Las Vegas last night. Specifics regarding the incident and the player’s identity remain undisclosed.

Instances of coyotes attacking humans are uncommon unless provoked, yet the specifics of this encounter remain elusive.

Social media responses from those familiar with both Las Vegas and coyotes echoed a common sentiment: caution and avoidance of interaction:

“AVOID INTERACTION AND FEEDING! – A resident of Lake Las Vegas. P.S. They’re a regular sight around 4:30 pm,” cautioned one user.

“Not your typical stray dog encounter,” remarked another.

Predictably, humor surfaced amidst the discussion:

“Vegas is known for athletes facing off against cougars, but this is a new twist with coyotes,” quipped one fan.

“The coyote’s move is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. Penalty will be assessed on the kickoff,” joked another.

“Seems like the coyote heard someone needed more ‘dawgs’ on their team,” added a third humorously.

Hopefully, the individual involved emerged unscathed. While there are speculations about the player’s affiliation with the Super Bowl, the details remain ambiguous, suggesting they might be in town for the event rather than participating.

Image: @LasVegasLocally


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