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NFL Offering Contest to Become a Madden Ratings Adjuster For a Day

Written by Nate

Are you unhappy about your favorite Madden players put out of place on the Madden NFL 20 game? If you are, you might be in luck. 

First reported from Dov Kleiman, the NFL is putting on a contest for one lucky fan to become a Madden Ratings Adjuster for a game this regular season. 

Yes, this is a real contest.  

The contest came out as an opportunity after backlash from fans and players who didn’t like the way their ratings was at. 

The contest is part of NFL’s 100th Anniversary in a promotion dedicated towards football fans called, ‘Fantennial.’ 

The winner of the contest will be able to get the full treatment as they’ll attend a key game and spend the day as an actual Madden Ratings Adjuster.

Along with being given credentials and Madden Adjuster gear for the game on the sidelines, the winner also gets a Madden Prize package, a copy of the Madden NFL 20 game, and also will be digitized into the game itself. 

The full statement from the NFL headquarters on the contest is located in the tweet above. The contest runs through August 4th, ending at 11:59 p.m. 

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