Everyone makes mistakes, but the NFL Network’s Mike Giardi moved into an elite category with his gaffe today.

It happened when Giardi was describing an injury to Rob Gronkowski on live television.  Gronk is suffering from a bulging disk.  You might be able to guess the Freudian slip that followed.

Awkward. Giardi and his cohort Andrew Siciliano handled it well though – Giardi even had a little fun on Twitter after the show.

ESPN’s Steve Levy was recognized as the first person to make the elusive disk/dick slip in 1995, as he described an injury to Maurice Hurst.

I’m not sure what the medical treatment is for a bulging dick in your back, but it doesn’t sound like something that a trip to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa couldn’t fix. He may know a guy who could arrange that.


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