NFL Head Coaching Hot Seat After Week 9

Written by Doug Rush

Looking at the hot seats for NFL head coaches after Week 9.

We are a mere days away from entering the double digits for the NFL season, and thus far, only one coach has stepped away from the team since Week 1.

That would be Jon Gruden, who resigned last month from the Las Vegas Raiders after the e-mails from 2011 surfaced that had Gruden making poor comments.

Since then, Gruden is still the only coach who has been removed from his team all year long, Will any other coaches get them axe before the end of the season?

And if they don’t, what coaches are on the hot seat regardless. Let’s take a look.

Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings

Two weeks ago, Zimmer looked to be doing okay with his job status and everything was fine. Two weeks later, and the Vikings are now 3-5 and looking like a mess.

Vikings fans are calling for Zimmer’s head and it’s hard to argue against them considering they are losing games in such ugly fashion.

But, they are still only 3-5, and they have time to get this figured out.

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Brian Flores, Miami Dolphins

There have been reports that Flores is slowly losing the locker room, and at 2-7, the Dolphins season is looking like it’s getting out of control.

The Dolphins did get a win over the Texans. But really, at this point, anyone can beat the Texans. The Dolphins were in such disarray and chaos with the quarterback situation and if Deshaun Watson was getting traded there.

Flores might be feeling the burn, and it isn’t from that South Beach sun either.

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Joe Judge, New York Giants

A few weeks ago, Judge’s bags were being packed for him, as he looked and sounded like a guy destined to be fired.

But the Giants are now at 3-6 entering their bye week and are expected to get healthy. The Giants have a favorable schedule that could allow them to get within striking distance of the Dallas Cowboys.

If the Giants can slowly get out of the hole and back into the playoff race, that bodes well for Judge’s future as the coach.

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Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears

To Nagy’s credit, he had the Bears competing every single game and Justin Fields did lead his team down the field to take the lead against the Steelers on Monday night.

But the Bears are extremely undisciplined and get called for too many costly penalties. That falls on the head coach.

Fields progression as a starter for the remainder of the season will determine if Nagy can actually get it done.

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Urban Meyer, Jacksonville Jaguars

We are a few weeks removed from the Ohio party where he apparently was caught getting lap dances at a bar and sticking his fingers in a girl’s butthole.

Since then, Meyer has not only found a way to win one game, but two, including a 9-6 win over the Buffalo Bills.

There’s an old adage in this world; winning solves everything.

Whether or not Meyer will win another game or not remains to be seen. But if he keeps winning these surprise games, then he might be able to stick around to see the end of the season.

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Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

He’s one of two candidates on this for a one-and-done as a head coach. The Eagles aren’t doing well under his direction and fans are slowly turning on him too.

Fans threw flowers at him after the Eagles lost at home to the Chargers. There’s a good chance that they’ll lose again to the Broncos too, which would sink them to 3-7.

Sirianni could be looking at a one-and-done if he can’t get things figured out.

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David Culley, Houston Texans

If there is anyone in the league who looks to be way over their head as an NFL head coach, it’s David Culley, who is in a no-win situation.

He hasn’t had Deshaun Watson available all season, and has been missing Tyrod Taylor. That doesn’t help.

But the team looks lifeless each week and has been on an eight-game losing streak since Week 1. The team is near the bottom of the league and doesn’t look like it’ll win a game again.

When you make a team like the Miami Dolphins look decent, you aren’t very good.

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