NFL Head Coaching Hot Seat After Week 5

Written by Doug Rush

Looking at the NFL Head Coaching Hot Seat after Week 5.

Two weeks ago, we looked at the hot seat for NFL head coaches after the first month of the 2021 season. So far, nobody has yet to lose their job.

So far.

A lot has changed over the course of those two weeks, and we are going to examine the previous head coaches from two weeks ago, plus look at anyone else who may be feeling their seat getting warmer.

Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings

They were 1-2 when we last looked at this, and since then, they are now 2-3 and coming off a crucial win against the Detroit Lions.

Zimmer was in a weird scene on Sunday with Kirk Cousins; was it celebrating? Was it fighting? Was it the heat of the moment? Who knows.

Unless the Vikings plummet in the NFC North, a sudden change probably isn’t happening since Zimmer is well respected throughout the franchise and in the league.

Temperature: Simmering cooled off

Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions

Campbell got extremely emotional on Sunday after the Lions dropped to 0-5 to start the 2021 season and Campbell’s coaching career with Detroit.

He’s lost a lot of tough games, and the Lions are competing, so it makes sense to give Campbell time.

With that said, fans are always impatient and an 0-5 start isn’t exactly what anyone wants, even if it is the Lions franchise that is accustomed to losing.

If Hue Jackson can survive an 0-16 season in Cleveland, Campbell can too if it gets that far.

Temperature: Slight chill

Urban Meyer, Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s bad enough that the Jaguars are 0-5 and headed for the number one pick for the second straight year.

But add in the fact that Meyer left with the team separately and was caught getting lap dances from women and stuck his fingers in a girl’s butthole; yes, it was caught on film.

Meyer seems like he’s a “leaving the organization due to health reasons” away from ending an already awful tenure with the Jaguars. Shad Khan can not be happy with the way this has turned out so far;

Temperature: Boiling

Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears

Two weeks ago, Nagy had the best odds possible to be the first head coach fired in the NFL.

Two weeks later, and he may be off the hot seat, at least for now. That’s what happens when your team goes to 3-2 in that time and actually wins football games.

Naming Justin Fields as the starter the rest of the way has helped, as has winning games. Winning cures all in the league, and for now, Nagy is off the hot seat.

Temperature: As cool as the other side of the pillow (we miss you, Stuart Scott.)

Joe Judge, New York Giants

The fans are really beginning to lose it with Judge, who with each passing week, sounds like a guy who is so far over his head, especially in New York.

At 1-4, fans are questioning whether or not Judge has what it takes to be the Giants long-term head coach. They’re undisciplined despite Judge’s hard-nosed approach.

The heat is rising on Judge’s seat, and with a tough schedule ahead, it may go from bad to worse if the Giants losing continues.

Temperature: Boiling

Jon Gruden, Las Vegas Raiders

How does a coach who wasn’t on here two weeks ago at 3-0 make it. Forget the 3-2 record.

The e-mails from 2011 that surfaced this last week making Gruden look a tad racist is what puts Gruden on here. Some wonder if the NFL could suspend Gruden over this, meanwhile, others have wondered if the Raiders would actually fire Gruden, especially since the Raiders are on hook to Gruden for six more years.

If push came to shove, sure, Mark Davis can fire Gruden. But does he really want to? Probably not, especially since Gruden makes $10 million a season for another six years.

It probably helps Gruden that the e-mail fiasco was from 10 years ago and has since publicly apologized.

Temperature: Medium simmer

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