NFL Games Could Be Using Fake Crowd Noises if No Fans Are Allowed in Stadiums

Multiple reports have stated that and if no crowds are allowed inside stadiums this season, NFL networks could be using fake crowd noise through games.

NFL on Fox broadcaster Joe Buck said to Yahoo Sports that it is ‘pretty much a done deal’ to bring in the noise and possibly put in digital fans for most broadcasts.

“In fact, I know they’ll do it,” Buck told MySportsUpdate on Twitter. “So when you see a wide shot, it looks like the stadium is jam-packed.”

It likely won’t be the first time that fake noise was being used during games. The Atlanta Falcons lost a draft pick in 2016 and were fined $350,000 for pumping in that type of noise for games for two seasons.

It will be interesting to see how games this season will be broadcasted with the noise and digitized fans in attendance, if football does happen.

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