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After Trevor Lawrence, it’s a complete toss-up between Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance as the second best QB in the draft and all three have the potential to all be great, all suck, and a one or two might end up actually being better than Trevor. The signal-caller from NDSU is one of the most fascinating prospects not only this year but also including the past drafts. The talent is clearly there, but his biggest knocks are that he played against lower competition in the FCS and that he only played one game in 2020, so doesn’t have much tape on film. He has started the same amount of games as Mac Jones at Alabama, with 17. People will quickly point out how the drastic the competition is between the FCS and the SCE, which is obvious, but I think that that shouldn’t necessarily be that big of a factor, especially for a quarterback.

First off, think about the talent that Lance played with compared to what Jones played with. Mac played with at least 4 first round wide receivers, between Ruggs, Jeudy, DeVonta, & Waddle, and probably more as John Meechie will likely follow in their footsteps after balling out this year. Mac’s receivers were pretty much always wide open and not to mention he had the best coaches in all of college football teaching him. Also, his offensive line will all be on NFL rosters. This isn’t an article knocking Mac, but more proving the point that competition shouldn’t be a big knock on Trey. Most of if not all of his receivers and OL won’t play in the NFL and he had to call his own pass protections, which isn’t common for college quarterbacks. He was already developing NFL intangibles while in North Dakota. Mac Jones was given everything on a silver platter and just needed to get the ball there, meanwhile Trey had to make more of his own decisions and throw into tighter windows.

The dude is an absolute stud and I sincerely think that he’ll make qb-needy teams who pass on him kicking themselves in a few years. Not only does he have the intangibles but he has all of the athletic traits to go with it that most of today’s successful qb’s have. He has a rope of the arm and can also run similar to Cam Newton:

If the Niners actually take make at 3 it will baffle me, because even though Shanahan might prefer’s guys who can get the playbook down immediately and that are more of a pocket passer similar to Jimmy G, Matt Ryan, & Kirk Cousins, it just seems like that offense would explode with a mobile quarterback at the helm. Just imagine how much more threatening they’d be to a defense with a guy who could run for a 40 yard rushing touchdown on his own. Assuming Wilson goes #2, if they actually take Jones instead of Lance or Justin Fields it’s going to be hilarious. No matter what happens, this is already shaping up to be maybe the most electric draft nights ever.

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