Written by SpaceGhostChedd

Next up in my series of NFL Draft Profiles for this year is Tylan Wallace, the explosive wide receiver out of Oklahoma State. He’s not the biggest guy on the field, nor even the fastest, but the dude just flat out makes plays.

He can break tackles while taking it to the house, has great route running, and excels at contested catches. Anytime you watched an Ok State game you knew #2 was always a scoring threat. You need to make a play? You target Tylan. And even when the defense already knew that he was getting the ball, he still wouldn’t be stopped. He racked up over 900 receiving yards in each of his last three seasons, and in 2018 put up 1,491.

If theres two great things that help players do well in the league, it’s route running and being able to make contested catches on 50/50 balls with how he can pick the ball out of the air with his hands. He’d be the standard ‘Z Receiver’, which means he’d primarily be lining up in the slot, or on the right with another WR inside. He’d be a perfect late round pick for the Lions to help out Jared Goff, who on the Rams loved his short route runners, a la Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods, who Wallace sort of reminds me of. He’ll never be the #1 WR in the league, but can be one of the most lethal second options that there is.

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