NFL Announces The Super Bowl LV National Anthem Performers – Who?!?!

Written by jwatry

This Sunday, we will have “Championship Sunday” for NFL fans.

On the NFC side will be the Green Bay Packers hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On the AFC side will be the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Buffalo Bills.

Not too shabby. I like the lineup and can’t wait for the games this weekend. Assuming everybody on both teams is relatively healthy, it should be a barn burner of a double header. Obviously, the winners will then face off against each other in two weeks on February 7th at Super Bowl LV (coincidentally in Tampa Bay). That wasn’t the big news dropped yesterday for Super Bowl fanatics though. Nope, that involved the pre-game festivities.

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan were announced as the singers for the ‘National Anthem.’ Also announced was H.E.R for ‘America The Beautiful.’

My reaction is harsh but likely the same as many all around the globe.



……..and WHO?

I have no clue who any of these performers are. Even worse is the Halftime Show will feature The Weeknd. I kid you not. I could not tell you a single song of his. I had to Google just to know if that was a girl, guy, or a band…or even know what the dude looks like. Zero idea. Not a clue who this person is. I may be showing my age, but Prince remains the gold standard for HalfTime Show performances at the Super Bowl. Whatever this group does on February 7th, it won’t even matter because I will be watching for the game number one and commercials number two. Normally, I am VERY interested in the big musical performances.

Not this year. Not next month. Not on a weekday…and certainly not on the weekend.

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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