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NFL admits the Bears got screwed by the Refs

Written by Tony Ghaul

One of the more exciting games of Week 9 took place in Chicago as the Dolphins held onto a 35-32 victory over the Bears. The game had its share of controversy as there were two notable penalties that were both missed and called against the Bears that ultimately cost them the game.

According to Alex Sharpiro of NBC Sports – Chicago, the NFL admitted to the Bears that the defensive pass interference against Eddie Jackson should not have been called and a defensive pass interference should have been called on the Dolphins for interfering on a deep ball intended for Chase Claypool.

New Video Proves Miami Dolphins Cheated To Beat Chicago Bears. Photo courtsey of

“Bears heard back from the league on a few plays they sent in from the Dolphins game. According to a team source, the league said officials missed on two big penalties. [1.] DPI against Eddie Jackson should not have called, [2.] DPI should have been called on the Chase Claypool deep ball.”

“Play the ball, try to turn into a receiver, as we’re taught as DBs,” Jackson said after the game about the play when he was flagged. “So as I’m playing the ball, I’m thinking I’m there and I feel the guy hit me, so it’s like I don’t know what they’re calling. I thought it was offensive PI, then the ref called it on me. So I turned to him and said, ‘Yo, how is that a flag?’ He said he didn’t see me playing the ball.

“I don’t know what to say. You’re a referee, you’re right on the side, I don’t know how you didn’t see me play the ball. Replay will show you, I didn’t look at the receiver once the whole time. I was playing the ball the whole way in the air, so it’s like, it’s crazy.”

Claypool said he thought for sure he was going to draw a flag.b“Justin threw me a good ball to give me a chance, then I felt like I was pulled back a little bit,” Claypool said. “Still gotta try to fight through that and get that, because you can’t count on someone else. Can only count on myself.”

Instead, the Bears fell short on fourth-and-10 after Equanimeous St. Brown dropped a beautiful ball from Fields.

The Bears dropped to 3-6 in on the season, while the Dolphins improved to 6-3.

Chase Claypool of the Chicago Bears, reacts as a pass is broken up by Keion Crossen of the Miami Dolphins. Photo courtsey of Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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