NFC East Division Week 2 Recap: Washington Takes Control

Written by Seth Lockard

The NFC East is one of those divisions where the teams move around spots most of the season and you never know how it’s going to end. We do have a pretty good idea though of who will be at the bottom most of the season.

The New York Giants suffered a tough loss to the Washington Football Team on Thursday Night. The Giants look lost on defense, offense looks decent but they still can’t finish drives. I do not see them winning many games this season.

  1. Washington Football Team(1-1)

After Ryan Fitzpatrick went down during the loss to the Chargers, nobody seemed to be worried. Heinicke’s time had arrived in Washington and he did not back down at all. He went on to post a line of 336 passing yards and destroyed that Giants pass defense. It looks like Washington might actually get some serious quarterback play this year from Heinicke which would be huge because that was one of the only things Washington was missing. Washington does need to step up their defensive play but that will not be a problem getting fixed with the talent they have on that side of the ball. Washington gets Buffalo up next, will be a tough test but anything can happen on Sunday’s.

2. Philadelphia Eagles(1-1)

It seemed like the Eagles were in good spots during the 49ers game. They had a million chances to get the ball in the end zone but could not find it. They ended up falling to San Fran 17-11. Jalen Hurts in his first two games this season has definitely impressed me, he looks like THE GUY in Philly, that’s good news for them. The bad news for the Eagles comes from injuries during the loss to the 49ers. Brandon Brooks on the offensive line and Brandon Graham on the defensive line. It looks like they will both be out for significant time which would be huge losses for Philly moving forward. The Eagles get Dallas up next for their first division matchup of the season. This will be a test for both teams to see which team is actually a serious contender in the division this year.

3. Dallas Cowboys(1-1)

It really seemed like we were about to be talking about the 0-2 Cowboys today based on the way that they were playing early in the second half during the win on Sunday. The Chargers had a million chances to win this game but the Dallas Cowboy defense stepped up BIG TIME on Sunday. Zeke finally touched the end zone as people were getting worried about his play so far into the season. The guy that people are talking about is Tony Pollard who carried the Cowboys to a win with 109 rushing yards and a touchdown. Could Pollard be the lead back soon in Dallas? He has played better than Zeke through the first two weeks of the season. Next up for Dallas will be Philly coming to them for their first division matchup of the season.

4. New York Giants(0-2)

The way that the Giants have played through the first two games of the season, I have a feeling that we will be seeing them at this position for most of the season. The defense can’t get stops and Barkley is not 100% back yet. It’s safe to say that we probably will not get the FULL Barkley back for most of the season. If the Giants can’t turn this around on Sunday than this could be a very long and sad season for the Giants. The Giants get Atlanta who has lost their firs two games of the season as well so could be a pretty even matchup between the two winless teams on Sunday.

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