Next Clippers Coach: Ty Lue

Written by Will

Woj Bomb! There you have it, the Clippers have found their next coach, Ty Lue. This hire comes from within the organization, Lue spent last season as an assistant with the Clippers. Ty Lue was the head coach of the Cavaliers from 2016-2018, coaching the Cavs to three straight Finals appearances and the only championship in franchise history in 2016. He was let go in the early part 2018-2019 season after a 0-6 start. The firing was a raw deal for Lue. The team didn’t look good but no one had high expectations after the Lebron departure, feels like Lue never got a real chance. Now, Lue gets that chance. Lue being hired isn’t the only Clippers coaching news of the day.

Billups has no coaching experience in the NBA. As a Cavs fan, i’m excited for Lue to get another chance. The Clippers future is something that I don’t know if I would be excited about. The Clippers gave up five first round picks for Paul George, that’s one more pick than field goals made by Paul George in game seven. If the Clippers can’t capitalize on having this championship roster in the next few seasons, then they will find themselves in a deep hole. Ty Lue has a large tasks in front of him, there isn’t a Lebron for Lue but he does have a Kawhi. Also you just can’t help but laugh at this old Doc Rivers quote.

A couple of week after that quote, Doc was fired by the Clippers. Life comes a you fast. Doc now finds himself in the city of brotherly love, and Lue has his old job.

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