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Newly Married Trevor Lawrence Has Been Caught Cheating; How Will This Affect Marriage?

Written by Chris Powers

It is never fun to report on a professional athlete that cheats. Especially one who is just starting his or her career. Well, unfortunately that is the case for the #1 NFL Draft Pick, Trevor Lawrence.

As we all know, Lawrence was drafted in the number one spot this past year in the NFL draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has been more or less touted as the new savior of the Jaguars franchise, and expectations for him to succeed quickly are very high.

Unfortunately, he had a setback. The newly married Lawrence was caught cheating. And it’s not pretty.


As evidenced in the two videos above, Trevor Lawrence is visibly seen cheating by kicking an Ohio State player in the groin/mid-section during the Sugar Bowl to prevent said player from recovering a fumble. This is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt cheating, and the NCAA should not have let him get away with it.

As mentioned before, Lawrence recently married long time girlfriend Marissa Mowry a few months back. If you have not seen her before, be sure to check out a few of her pictures below.

If I’m Marissa after seeing that footage of Lawrence’s obvious cheating on the field, I would certainly be questioning whether or not he would cheat again. Could she live with someone who is willing to do something like that? How could she start a family with a man that knowingly cheats? Hopefully his cheating ways will not affect their marriage in any capacity.

I hope nobody took this out of context and assumed I was implying that Trevor would cheat romantically on Marissa. That’s not what i was going for at all. Simply put, Trevor Lawrence cheats on the field. And if I was his wife, I would be ashamed of him.

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