New York Jets Draft Pick Zach Wilson’s Smokeshow Mom Launched An OnlyFans Account

Written by Incognito

Second overall draft pick for the New York Jets, Zach Wilson, hasn’t even started training camp and he’s already entangled in some controversy. Rumors were swirling earlier this week that Wilson’s extremely attractive mom, Lisa Wilson, had capitalized on her newfound fame by cashing in and creating an OnlyFans account.

Lisa has over 34,000 Instagram followers and it’s no secret that she’s a complete smokeshow of a mom. She first captured the spotlight during the 2021 NFL Draft when the camera would pan to Wilson and his family and she was front and center stealing the show. Twitter was ablaze with people asking about Wilson’s “hot mom.”

2021 NFL Draft Night

Skip to current times where rumors are swirling about a possible OnlyFans account. Lisa put the OnlyFans rumors to rest with the following Instagram post:

There haven’t been any actual sightings of a fake OnlyFans account impersonating Wilson’s mother, so for now, it is just a juicy rumor that was virtually created out of thin air.
Wilson’s mom is a looker. This woman gave birth to SIX children:

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