After Sunday’s loss to the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium, it became a recurring theme for the New York Giants.

Lots of losing. More turnovers. And questions whether Daniel Jones can even win in the NFL.

Here’s a stat that is way too alarming. 40 turnovers in 28 games. That is too many turnovers to even try and win in today’s NFL. It’s why Daniel Jones hasn’t taken the exit step in the NFL.

Granted, he’ll get a four-day reprieve when he gets to take on, and possibly win against, the Washington Football Team on Thursday night. Now if he wins, he gets a slight reprieve.

But if Jones has the same issues on Thursday night, and puts the Giants in the hole with costly turnovers, then it’s time to realize what many are starting to see.

Daniel Jones might not be what the Giants need going forward. After all, look at the roster.

Saquon Barkley. Kenny Golladay. Sterling Shepard. Kadarius Toney. Evan Engram. Kyle Rudolph. Talent.

The former first round pick of the 2019 NFL Draft may not be the guy to lead this Giants team. Now, after all, the Giants are coming off the last 15 years of Eli Manning, who only won two Super Bowls and is headed to Canton in a few years.

But for Daniel Jones? He may need to find another place to call home that isn’t in East Rutherford after 2021.


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