New York Giants got it wrong, again, with Joe Judge as the head coach

Written by Doug Rush

The New York Giants, again, get it wrong with Joe Judge as their head coach.

Maybe we need to call it the curse of Tom Coughlin for the New York Giants.

It seems like an every two year thing for them with head coaches, because it’s now the second year with Joe Judge as the head coach, and he’s looking worse each passing week.

Judge, who had entered the 2021 looking like he was the right guy for the Giants going forward. The Giants had finished 5-3 to end the 2020 season and nearly made the playoffs of not for the Philadelphia Eagles doing a full-blown tank job.

Coming into the 2021 year, it was supposed to be the start of a Giants team moving forward with Judge. And then in Week 1, the same issues happened all over again, and they all fell on Judge.

The came Week 2, and the giants almost left Washington with a win, but bad teams find ways to win, although the NFL got it wrong on the Dexter Lawrence penalty, but even so, the Giants still lost. And then lost again in Week 3 Roman Atlanta Falcons team that didn’t deserve to win. Like Eli Manning saw many times himself, the Giants defense found a way to let the team down.

For a week, the Giants issues were fixed with an overtime win against the New Orleans Saints. A miracle had happened, since the Giants last won in New Orleans dating back to December of 1993. Maybe things could be better again.

Made you look, the Giants stink again against the Dallas Cowboys on national TV and lose many players to injury as well. And then the Los Angeles Rams, who absolutely rubbed the Giants faces in the dirt on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

So here we are, with the Giants at 1-5, looking at 1-6 when the Carolina Panthers come in and have Sam Darnold beat on them. Then 1-7 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tear the Giants apart. And with the Las Vegas Raiders now free of Jon Gruden, the Raiders will likely be energized and motivated to win and send the Giants to 1-8 before the bye week in Week 9.

And just like that, the Giants crawl closer to the basement and towards that number one pick. Do we like where the Giants are headed with his head coach?

A coach who can’t manage the clock, who can’t manage time outs. Who sent his quarterback out on the field for the second half of a blowout game a week after he suffered a concussion.

A coach whose best message is, ‘we have a lot of football left.”

That can be a scary thought, because the football left isn’t very good football. Sure, the 39-year-old is a disciplinarian and hard-nosed. But when it doesn’t work and you lose, you simply look like a jerk. And the fans are growing tired of the act.

It’s one thing when you are Tom Coughlin because you can act tough and have the results to show for it with two Super Bowls. Joe Judge has Super Bowls being Bill Belichick’s assistant coach. Not the head coach.

Hall of Fame head coach Bill Parcells once said, “you are what your record says.” The Giants are 1-5 and not improving at all.

The Giants are 7-15 under Judge and not looking like they will be any better. Honestly, the Giants were better off with Pat Shurmur as the head coach, even though the went 9-23.

The sad thing is, Judge could end up finishing worse than that after the 2021 season. Will he make it to the end of the year? Probably, as Shurmur did.

Only Ben McAdoo got that distinction of being fired before the seasons end, a distinction that happened over 30 years ago.

The Giants as an organization need to clean house; again.

Unfortunately, they got it wrong with his head coach, again. Firing head coaches every two years isn’t exactly a winning formula, but with Judge, he has to go.

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