New Video of Henry Ruggs Sitting On The Curb While Victim and A Dog Burn From Car Crash

Written by austenlange

As many have heard wide receiver Hunry Ruggs III was involved in a car crash that took place around 4:00 AM this past Tuesday morning. In the crash it has been found out that Ruggs was indeed under the influence of alchol and the crash led to the fatality of another driver, and their family dog.

What a pathetic excuse of a human being. Henry Ruggs not only ended someone else’s life due to his own carelessness but he didn’t even try and lend a hand to the peoples lives he took.

Henry Ruggs got behind the wheel of a car and made a decision to drive. He knew good and well this was the wrong decision but still acted selfishly.

Finding a ride when you are impaired is not very difficult with the technology we have today. Ruggs literally lives in Las Vegas, a massive area full of drinking but still has a whole slew of options for safe rides home. What really pisses me off the most is that he doesn’t even look remorseful in the video. He sits there as if he is now some sort of a pity party. Fuck that and fuck him.

Ruggs deserves to end up behind bars for quite a while with this offense and I really hope he doesn’t see daylight for a long time. You cannot act like this if you’re a normal citizen and get away with it, so there is absolutely no reason Henry Ruggs should be treated any differently.

If Ruggs does ever get the chance to play football again I would be surprised. Not only did he kill someone, he just sat there. Like a bump on a log full of self pity. Henry Ruggs is a disgusting human and deserves everything he’s got coming his way.

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