New Jersey Man Facing Over 90 Years Jail Time For Selling Fake Tom Brady Super Bowl Rings

Today Federal prosecutors filed charges against some dipshit in New Jersey for multiple fraud charges for obtaining and selling 3 fake Tom Brady Super Bowl rings.

Scott Spina, 24, of Roseland, New Jersey, was charged today with mail fraud, three counts of wire fraud, and one count of aggravated identity theft. In 2017, Spina purchased a Super Bowl LI ring from a former Patriots player, most likely a guy who was buried on the depth chart, and bought it with fake checks.

After receiving the first ring, Spina received information on how to acquire two more rings by posing as the player and received the rings that were intended to go to the players family members. The genius then had all 3 rings engraved with Tom Brady’s name on them and sold them to buyers claiming they were Tom Brady’s rings that were sent to Tom to give to his nephews.

One of the Super Bowl rings sold at an auction for $337,219. Holy shit that’s a ton of money. This scumbag almost pulled off the heist of a lifetime.

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