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New Hero Introduced For Overwatch, But There’s More Coming Too

Written by Robert Workman

As expected, Blizzard introduced yet another hero for its popular first-person multiplayer hit Overwatch – and he promises to shake things up as far as anti-gravity goes.

In the new trailer, which you can see below, you’ll get a glimpse of Sigma, who acts as an “eccentric astrophysicist” who can use the power of gravity at his will. His personality has taken quite a turn over the course of his research. As a result, he’s become two different people, and during the next few weeks, players will learn more about him before he becomes officially introduced to the game.

He’s the latest character to be introduced to the roster, and although an official date hasn’t been given yet, he’s expected to be featured on the PTR side of things very soon, and then the general game just a few weeks later. Check out his debut trailer below.

But there’s more where that came from. In a new developer update, the team also confirmed that Role Queue will make its debut in both the Quickplay and Competitive modes for the game, set to debut with a new patch. It won’t arrive until September 1, however. With it, players will be able to pick a role within the game, and then the character will be able to have a character randomly selected for said role. However, each team will have limitations – two supports, two damage characters, and two tanks. Balance to everything.

Said director Jeff Kaplan about the changes, “I know it’s dramatic. I know players in general are averse to change. Please work with this on us. We’re doing this to make the game better. We believe that it will make the overall experience for all of you better, and that’s why we’re making the change.”

Hopefully, between the new champ and Role Queue, things will shake up nicely for the game. We’ll see over the next few weeks!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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