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Never doubted it… RAIDERS WIN

Written by Trashman Ronnie

Raiders win…. Again…. and I never doubted it, I wasn’t afraid of former employee #52 killing Derek Carr. I had all the confidence in Chucky to pull this team into London and steam all the tea and crumpets from Da Bears. 

Here are some highlights from a game that I never thought we would lose

Josh Jacobs…. Good at football

Oh we can play Defense?? Thats odd

Is Derek Carr Elite?? 

Oh Yeah did i mention Josh Jacobs is good at football

See folks me and the @Raiders twitter account never doubted this game even after 21 Unanswered by Da Bears

Oh and former employee

good pass rushers are hard to find (Via @DCarr75  Aka my 2nd favorite Carr brother)

Go follow me on the twitters @TrashmanRonnie thats a order… Raider Nation HERE WE GO!

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