Network Marketing Top Earner / Body Builder Travis Just Dies In Snowmobile Accident

Written by TrevStone

We have some sad and terrible news – Network Marketing top earner and body builder Travis Justt recently died in a snowmobile accident.

If you had the opportunity to meet Travis you know how much energy he pours into everyone he came by. Some people call him a real life Super Hero. I had the opportunity to meet Travis 5+ years ago while we were in the same Network Marketing company and I know this loss is going to hurt a lot of people.

There isn’t many videos of Travis on YouTube but here is a video when his wife Brittany and himself were recognized for hitting a high level in a network marketing company:

Here is a video of him giving a training:

“I lost my mom going into my senior year, but it made me realize life is short and death is certain.” – Travis Justt. “We got one life to give, life isn’t always fair, it’s not supposed to be.”


GoFundMe – (Click Here To Donate)

Currently there is over $10,000 in donations.

Here is what the GoFundMe reads:

Dear family friends and loved ones. It is with absolute broken hearts that we share with you that on Saturday February 4, 2023 Travis Just, beloved husband, father, son, brother, and friend passed away tragically in a snow mobile accident in Wyoming on his birthday trip.

Travis had a bigger than life personality, unmatched energy, and a heart larger than this universe. Anyone that had the pleasure to come in contact with Trav can attest that he was an absolute Icon and this world is a better place because he was in it. He had a way to make anyone around him feel like they were the most important person in the world and no obstacle could stop them. He truly was a world changer and our lives already feel so empty knowing he isn’t physically with us anymore.

Travis leaves behind a loving wife Brittany Just, 11 year old twins Arisa and Renn and many family and friends that will now have to learn to cope with losing such an important person in all of their lives. No one expects an unforeseen tragedy like this to happen. It’s the last thing any of us could have imagined, especially to someone like Travis who had such an Iron Man way about him.

Brittany has recently stated that her and Travis have been focusing strongly on their faith in God and she knows that the Lord will make something good out of this! Although it is very hard she and the kids are finding comfort in their faith and the support of so many of you!

As an entrepreneur Travs’ nothing is impossible no give up personality has allowed him to persevere through many storms over the years. All in which not only did he always come out stronger on the other side he also never hesitated to help as many humans along the way as he possibly could. Most recently Travis and Brittany were in transition building a fitness and mental strength platform RockBody Movement that they were passionately growing to help others as well as put themselves financially in a position to help bless more people. Unbeknownst to Travis and Brittany his goals to reestablish themselves in many ways (including financially from hardships they experienced in business) were unexpectedly cut short by his unforseen death.

This will be the first storm Brittany and the children will endure without Travis. But we know his friends and family won’t let them do it alone. Travis had a saying that has motivated many of us throughout the years…. You don’t know how strong you are until it’s your only choice. Travis would have wanted us all to celebrate his life and stand strong together right now. Never to back down to any obstacles past or present.

That’s why we are asking all and any that have it in their hearts to help Brittany and their children with financial donations as Travis was the sole source of income for the family and the road ahead will be tough. We are so grateful in advanced for the outpouring love, support, testimonies, and well wishes for the family.

As you can imagine the family is absolutely crushed and all donations and support is greatly appreciated during this time! All info and updates on memorial services will be shared when the family is ready. Thank you all in advance for your love and patience.

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