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Netflix Debuts The First Trailer For The Witcher Series, And It Looks Rad

Written by Robert Workman

There were a lot of questions surrounding Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher books into a series, particularly since it wouldn’t be taking the same route as CD Projekt Red’s hyper-successful games. But, hey, with Superman’s Henry Cavill on board, there’s no way they could do wrong, right?

Well, now we’ve got a good glimpse of what to expect. Earlier today, the streaming service debuted a new trailer for the series, giving us a small glimpse of what to expect. It does feature Cavill in the main role, showing off some damn fine wig work alongside his fellow actors, and some entertaining action along the way. And yes, some other characters from the series are featured as well, and look to fit their parts pretty nicely. These include Ciri and Yennifer, both of whom will have some form of part in the story.

Thus far, it’s still too soon to tell what kind of route the general story will take. But there appears to be a lot of budget poured into the visual effects, as well as the performances. And showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich promises to have the right blend of drama and adventure thrown in, so Witcher fans will feel right at home.

You can check out the trailer for the series below. It doesn’t currently have a release date, but the first episodes are expected sometime later this year!

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