NELK Boys Partway With 905 Shooter (Jason Pagaduan) @NELK @905Shooter

Written by TrevStone

The popular YouTube channel NELK announced Monday that they’re moving on from Jason Pagaduan who goes by 905 Shooter.

According to the teams Instagram:

During the second half of their last YouTube video 905 was gone, no where to be seen and fans on Twitter speculated right away that something was wrong.

I don’t know what happened. All we can do right now is hope that nothing too bad happened and that 905 will move in the right direction.

Only a handful of people know what truly happened. Who knows if we’ll ever know the truth?

Right now there is speculation that something happened between 905 shooter and another member of NELKS, Steve’s, girlfriend. I can’t confirm that yet though.

Who knows? Maybe it was just a business decision.

I’ll update as I hear more.

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