NELK Boys Merch Drop Is At 8:30 PM EST! Here Are My 5 Must Buy Items! | @NELKFilmz @KyleForgeard @JesseSebastiani @SteveWillDoIt

Written by TrevStone

Are you ready?!

Tonight at 8:30PM EST is the Full Send drop! The YouTube group, Nelk Boys, have a NEW merchandise drop! They’ll sell out quick – so here are my five favorite items that’ll be for sale on the Full Send shop!


Click here to buy at 8:30PM!

4. Grey Canada Crew

Click here to buy at 8:30PM!

3. Steve’s Boot

Steve’s boost will sell out probably the fastest of all items! Buy one and pour your beer into it and drink it.

Click here to buy at 8:30PM!

2. Bradley Martyn Sold Me Drugs

Maybe I lied… This might be the one that sells out the fastest! Steve has been promoting this shirt lately – and has been talking about Brad “selling drugs” for a few months now!

Click here to buy at 8:30PM!

1. Brown Fullsend Hoodie

Click here to buy at 8:30PM!

This drop will sell out quick! Be ready right at 8:30pm EASTERN!

Click here to go to

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