I swear the Nelk Boys are doing every and everything and I don’t blame them. They’re currently pushing an acholic beverage, Happy Dad, which is taking over college campuses and is known to be a seltzer that your dad will drink even. It’s not a normal seltzer can either, it looks as if you’re drinking a beer.


They’re going to be teaming up with Mark Mastrov to launch Full Send Gyms! Mastrov is the founder of 24 Hour Fitness, Crunch, UFC Gyms, and also has built NFL gyms.

If you’re an older of the Nelk Boys METACARD/NFT you’ll be able to get into the gyms for free, just another perk of holding onto your Full Send Metacard!

Talk about a huge move for Nelk but also a smart move by Mastrov to pitch this idea as we all know Nelk is taking everything up another level and now this? Soon you’ll see and hear FULL SEND everywhere. If you haven’t heard of Full Send by now, you’re going too soon. From the expanding of Happy Dads, Nelk growing, to this now?

I’ll 100% go workout at a Full Send Gym… For a day. Let’s be honest, my workout?


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