Nelk Boys Are Making Their Own Alcohol | Also Recently Met With Barstool Sports? |

Written by TrevStone

The popular YouTube pranksters Nelk Boys are getting into making their own alcohol. Boom!

It’s basically been something that’s been in the making for awhile when you think about it. You can’t tell me that the guys who love drinking haven’t been thinking about creating a Full Send alcohol. They’ve been.

But now they’re actually test tasting.

Huge news for The Boys! It’ll be interesting what it tastes like. They’re going to have different flavors. They shotgunned and you could tell that it was a pretty clean shotgun.


During a recent episode of the popular podcast ImPaulsive – Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy told Mike Majlak, George Janko, and Logan Paul that Barstool recently met with the Nelk Boys.

He didn’t give much information besides that they’d like them to be apart of what they do in someway. It’ll be interesting what that means. It didn’t seem like much, but maybe they’ll sign onto Barstool and create a show?

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