NBA Top 3 EARLY Candidates for MVP Race

Written by austenlange

Today Bleacher Report released a graphic of the Top 3 Early MVP candidates, and they left us tons of room to dispute. Let’s try to not overreact and break each player down justly and fair.

Joel is averaging a humble 25 points a game which while respectable just doesn’t do it for me. I need someone to light the fuck up out of the scoreboard. Also do we actually believe Joel will stay healthy for a full 82 games and offseason? I find that to be doubtful. Lastly how can a guy who is outside the top 5 in every statistic be the MVP front runner.

Kevin Durant is a walking bucket. Dude is 2nd in the league in scoring, and puts up very good supporting numbers. KD has my early MVP (who cares), but he still has some deficiencies in his game. You still got to worry about the injury issue with Durant. I still don’t think he’s back 100% and when he does fully heal and have his entire range of motion I see no reason as to why KD can’t take this race all away by himself and add another amazing season and MVP under his belt.

Nikola Jokic is the modern era’s Dirk Nowitzki. Guy just flat out plays basketball at a high level day in and day out. I mean when is the last time we have seen a center in the NBA average a triple double while leading the league in assists. It’s absolutely mind blowing on the amount of disrespect this graphic is giving my guy. Jokic by far has the best resume and I can only think he’s 3rd on this list because he’s in Denver and not in some big market.

We still have more than 80% of the season left and I am god damn excited to see how things shake out.

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