Recent NBA dunk contest champion Mac McClung will reportedly star in an upcoming commercial with NBA legend Vince Carter. 

The G-League star had a ton of endorsements come his way after bringing new life to the NBA’s dunk contest last month. Even at 6 foot 2, his performance was heralded as one of the best in league history. 

McClung is balling right now and is considered one of the faces in the G-League, averaging 20 points per contest. The 24-year-old has proven that you don’t need to be an active NBA player to be popular or successful.

There’s no doubt that McClung can ball but obtaining a regular roster spot in the NBA might not be in the cards for him this season, even though he is currently signed to a two-way contract by the Sixers. Despite standing shorter than his peers, McClung plays the shooting guard position, which is viewed as his weakness by most analysts. 

While he is probably one of the most athletic basketball players in the world, he still has a lot of things to work on in order to contribute to an NBA team regularly.


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