NBA Referee Ken Mauer Was FORCED Out of The NBA Over Vaccine Mandates Despite His Religion #NBA

Written by austenlange

Long-time NBA referee Ken Mauer was forced out of the NBA this season and it goes against his religious beliefs.

The elder man went on to Jason Whitlock’s show, “Fearless” and told the world just exactly why he has had to go MIA here lately. He says that this is all stemming from the NBA pressing their COVID vaccine mandates, even if that goes against the person’s religious beliefs.

Mauer — who was raised Catholic — told the BlazeTV host that after doing his own research he has concerns about the jab — explaining he believes aborted fetal tissue was used in the development of the vax.

I mean you got to let believe want they want and you can’t force someone to do things they refuse to do.

As far as Mauer goes hopefully he is able to recover and move back from this because this is not a good situation for any party involved.

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