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NBA Pundit Believes Steph Curry Will Overtake LeBron James In Terms of Title Triumphs

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When it comes to American sports pundits that don’t mince their words and, as a result, are disliked by a large proportion of their viewers, they don’t come much more outspoken than a certain Steven A Smith.  

The sports analyst has gone out on a limb and suggested that it’s only a matter of time before Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry outshines Los Angeles Lakers legend LeBron James, when it comes to their NBA championship ring haul.

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The Warriors will face off against the Boston Celtic in an eagerly anticipated NBA finals series, which starts on June 2nd, and arguably Steve Kerr’s side is the favorite to take home the title, and Steven A. Smith believes it will be Curry’s fourth title.

“I believe Steph Curry will eclipse LeBron James and capture five championships in his career while LeBron is still stuck on four,” 

Such an assessment is perhaps not one that you can easily argue against. After all, LeBron James saw his Lakers side complete a woeful 33-49 regular-season record which meant they didn’t even make it to the play-in tournament.

This was despite the fact that the 37-year-old had a great season from a personal perspective. Indeed things are so bad at the Arena now that the coming seasons could prove very problematic indeed.

Smith was full of praise for Curry and his Golden State Warriors side;

“I’m looking at the Golden State Warriors being at least eight [players] deep,” 

“And I’m willing to say the Golden State Warriors are winning two of the next three titles.”

“I’m also thinking about Jordan Poole,” 

“I’m thinking about Kuminga. Yes, I’m going to bring up James Wiseman. Yes, I understand he’s been out all season long. But the brother’s a 7-footer with skills, and I think once you insert him into the equation when Kevon Looney’s still there, when Draymond’s still there, I like their chances. I like Moses Moody. I like what I’ve seen from him.” Smith concluded.

Steven A. Smith likes to stir things up when it comes to NBA stars, and making the comparison between LeBron and Steph is just his style. It’s kind of a pointless argument and discussion to bring up, but one that certainly gets the fans talking. 

Curry is undoubtedly in a good place when it comes to future successes that may come his way, and things don’t look so good for LeBron right now. That said, the new head coach at the Lakers, whoever that turns out to be, may well be able to turn things around.

Last summer, general manager Rob Pelinka brought in a wealth of talent, but coach Frank Vogel was unable to get the team to gel together, whereas his replacement may have the magic touch that gets the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James moving back in the right direction.

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