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NBA Player Had Gun, Was Passed Out In Car Before Arrest in Charlotte

Hornets James Bouknight was found sleeping passed out in his car before he was arrested in Charlotte. He was arrested for a DWI.

But the thing is… Here is a touchy subject. He was sleeping in his car in a parking deck. Something that I don’t think you should get in trouble for. You should be allowed to sleep in you car, I understand it can’t be running. But my guy might have been cold. I mean maybe people got scared because of the gun? But on the other side he probably had it out warning people that if they try breaking in that he has a gun.

He has been cited three times within the past year, including speeding and reckless driving charges in November 2021 and February. He has court appearances scheduled throughout the rest of this year for those offenses.

“Police radio communications, obtained from Broadcastify, indicate first responders from Medic, Charlotte Fire and CMPD attempted to rouse Bouknight and have him open the locked car,” Cox and Roderick Boone of the Charlotte Observer wrote.

Officers found Bouknight was the owner of the car and had a pending concealed carry permit when they ran the tags and information on the vehicle.

Cox and Boone noted North Carolina has an open carry policy “in cases where the gun is considered legal and the person is not banned from having a firearm.”

Bouknight was released from custody after posting a $2,500 bond. He hasn’t been charged with any crime related to carrying a weapon.

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