NBA Is Reportedly Wants To Expand, But to Where and When?

Written by LukeS

Repots have come out that the NBA could be looking to expand to Las Vegas and Seattle in 2024. This is great, one proven loyal NBA town in Seattle, and another city with the potential to be great in Las Vegas.

The history of the Seattle SuperSonics went from a fun team in the 90s, to mediocracy and early draft picks in the aughts. This then led to lower ticket sales and greed led to them moving to Oklahoma City to become the Thunder back in 2008. The NBA had promised the city of Seattle a new expansion, like how the NFL did with the Cleveland Browns back in the 90s, when they moved to Baltimore. But unlike the NBA, the NFL actually brought back the Browns back in 1999, until now, if the NBA follows through with their plan.

Now with Las Vegas, the NBA should try to make this team like the Showtime Lakers. Having an NBA team in Las Vegas has the potential to be a flashy, fun, exciting and young team. Celebrities showing up to the game, primetime TV, good basketball being played, these are all things that I would like to see more of in the NBA. This possible expansion also has the opportunity to move Minnesota, New Orleans, and/or Memphis to the eastern conference, which is something that needs to happen.

Blog by Luke Sidaway

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