NBA “High” Moments

Written by Will

In honor of 4/20 let’s take a look at some of the best NBA “high” moments. Now there are a lot to chose from, but three really stick out to me and they all involve JR Smith. The first one I always think of is JR Smith and Iman Shumpert on Good Morning America.

These guys were not sober that day, just look at those eyes. Neither had fully open eyes, could hardly even see the eyes. But hey can’t blame them, they are in the NBA Finals. Let them celebrate. The second one that comes to mind is JR Smith just leaving the game to go dap up Jason Terry.

Tony Snell was wide open and it’s pretty obvious why he was that open. Because JR Smith went t go say hi to his old pal Jason Terry instead of doing his job and playing defense. You can’t be sober and have that big of a mental lapse, no way. JR had to be on something. The last one that comes to mind is from the 2018 finals.

Yes, everyone knows this play. Game tied, Cavs get their own rebound, and JR Smith blows it. Smith thought the Cavs had the lead. I’m sorry but as an NBA player you have zero excuses to not know the damn score. Smith had to be zooted for this play.

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