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NBA: Former Phoenix Suns Player Dies Untimely Death!

Reporting on the death of sports heroes is never something fun to do. In fact, the year of 2023 seems like we have lost more professional athletes than ever before.

Whether it is the NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA, it seems like every week we are reporting on a sports icon passing away.

In 2021 the same thing happened and unfortunately the death hit the NBA hard, and more specifically, the Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets and the Washington Bullets (formerly Baltimore Bullets.

Somehow this one slipped through the radar a few weeks ago, but it was reported that former NBA player Stan McKenzie, who played for the above mentioned teams, passed away in early July.

In other NBA news, in a recent interview, NBA Hall of Famer and TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley recently commented on the status of his relationship with Michael Jordan and whether or not they are on better terms. When asked by sports analyst Bob Costas if he and Jordan were still friendly, this is what Barkley had to say on the matter below.

“We’re not,” Barkley told Costas when asked if he and Jordan were still friends, according to The Source. “And I take some responsibility for that. I criticized [him]–he was one of my best friends, and I definitely love him and miss him, to be honest with you, but I, Bob, I have to do my job.
I said, at the time, and we can debate whether I should have said it, but I was asked a question, and I’m told always be honest at my job. I said, ‘I don’t know if Michael’s ever going to be successful [running the Charlotte Hornets] because I don’t know if he got enough strong people around him.


This was originally posted by Chris Powers in 2021.

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