The NBA fined multiple players on the Golden State Warriors Tuesday for comments that were made about the referees during a loss to Minnesota. All the fines added up to $75,000.

Draymond Green $35,000, Stephen Curry $25,000 and Kevin Durant $15,000 on Tuesday for their criticism of officials following Friday’s loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Referees Marat Kogut and Leon Wood drew the frustration of the team for multiple calls that helped give the Timberwolves a 131-130 overtime victory.

The first came with 4.4 seconds left in overtime, when Kogut said Keita Bates-Diop fouled Kevin Durant before he took a game-tying three. At first, Durant appeared to set up a four-point play that could have won the game for Golden State.

“If you look at the play … [Bates-Diop] lost me for a quick second,” Durant told reporters. “And when I caught the ball, I knew they were going to foul. And I got it up quick, and he had two hands on me as I was going into my shot. … [Kogut] was the best player on the floor. He’s so good with his whistle, he knew they were going to foul me before I shot the ball. So he’s one of the greatest refs of all time.”

Stephen Curry knocked down a three on the Warriors’ ensuing possession to tie the game at 130, but another whistle then handed the game to Minnesota. Wood called Durant for a touch foul on Karl-Anthony Towns as the Wolves attempted to inbound the ball, sending him to the line for game-winning free throws.Bleacher Report

“It’s just tough when your effort like that gets sabotaged for sure,” Curry said. “I’ve been back there looking at those calls over and over and over again and still don’t understand either one of them. KD four-point play which puts pressure on them with four seconds left to have to get a bucket.

“And at the end of the game, nobody wants to see a game end like that. A crazy pass that had no chance of being caught and a soft foul that should never have been called to decide the game like that. Guys out there fighting their ass off to play and compete and win the game by playing basketball, so it’s a tough way to go out.”

Curry called Kogut the “MVP of tonight” when asked which of the calls he found more egregious. 

“All you need is one time,” Durant said of the foul call. “All you need to see it is once. I mean, late in the game, can you be physical that late in the game? I didn’t extend my arms on the push; I didn’t grab; I didn’t impede anybody’s movement. Plus the ball was already out of bounds. I mean, would you call that one late? Nah. My little brother probably wouldn’t have called that one; they need to just let us play. They should’ve let us play. We should still be playing right now.”

Draymond took to twitter.  As he tweeted out the initials of Kogut and former ref Tim Donaghy, implying the game was fixed:


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