NBA Conspiracy Theory: Is Deuce Tatum Really Only Three Years Old?

Written by schultzyca

There is great speculation surrounding the age of NBA All-Star Jayson Tatum’s son Deuce. Jayson posted on his Snapchat story a picture of his son Deuce on a private jet and his son legit looks like he could pass off as being like eight or nine from his height alone no th ree year old looks like this.

The thread is absolutely hilarious as well people are saying more like third year of high school. I would argue that no one would believe that he is three years old he just doesn’t look like that. I do not know if people are speculating his age or anything like that but Deuce is the tallest three year old in history.

Deuce is on track to be a seven foot killer with a mean jump shot if he ever chooses to play basketball. Talk about a head scratching thing to believe that he is only three but I guess it is true. Maybe this is a conspiracy theory that will continue to grow but I don’t buy his age.

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