NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Just Announced On NBA Today That The NBA Will Not Be Shutting Down Due To Coronavirus

Adam Silver just went in NBA Today and announced that the NBA will not be shutting down, or postponing the season due to the spike in Coronavirus cases. So if you are one of the many people wanting sports leagues to postpone the season like last year, your SOL.

Silver also stated that the Omicron variant constitutes 90 percent of the leagues cases right now.

A lot of fans have been calling for the NBA to go back to the bubble. There is absolutely no chance that will happen again. The NBA is about one thing, and that is making large stacks of money. The amount of revenue the league would lose by going back to a bubble is just not realistic. Also, no chance in hell the players agree to that.

Maybe the NBA will stop testing asymptomatic players like the NFL is going to start doing? Either way, NBA games are going to be played, with or without its star players.

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