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National League Championship Series Rapid Preview

Written by Durr

We have a rematch of the 2020 NLCS as the Atlanta Braves take on the Los Angeles Dodgers with Game One coming tonight. Last year, it had the hype, but I really don’t think there should be much hype when it comes to the series this time around.

It’s amazing what the Braves have done this year to be quite honest. When they lost Ronald Acuna to a torn ACL, I thought their season was done. You got to give credit where it’s earned and Atlanta for sure earns it. They pushed through and people in the lineup stepped up. Look at Austin Riley as the big example. He is a STUD at third base and has picked up his game this year.

The Dodgers are coming off an all-time high defeating their rival, the San Francisco Giants, in the NLDS after losing the division to them this season. The Dodgers have the talent everywhere and all the momentum in the world. Even as the wild card, they are the clear cut favorite to bring it home this year.

To me, there is one really huge key for this series and that is Max Fried. It is a necessity for the Braves to win each time he starts on the mound and he is taking the ball for game one.

Yes, I am calling this a must-win already for the Braves. The Dodgers don’t even know who is going to start this game. Do they go with “Mad Max” after closing out the NLDS? Urias is not available, and do you want to pitch Walker Buehler on short rest? This is a game the Braves MUST HAVE. If they don’t you can kiss this series goodbye.

The Dodgers really have the advantage in every aspect when it comes to rosters. Maybe I will give the Braves a SLIGHT advantage in the starting rotation, but that is ever so slight. With that being said, here’s my predicition.

Dodgers in 5

I do believe the Braves pick up game one tonight with the recovering arms of the Dodgers. Other than that, I think the Dodgers handle their business and punch their ticket back to the World Series.

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