National Championship Draft Stock. Who’s up and Who’s Down???

Written by Angel

Alabama has just won another National Championship but the biggest question moving forward is where will these rising superstars play in the NFL.

You can take a look at the PSE mock draft to give you a clue but this latest championship has some players stock soaring and some that deserve another look.

DeVonta Smith – WR Alabama UP

DeVonta Smith was probably the top receiver on most people’s draft boards but for those who had questions about him have to just dislike him f they don;t think he is the next great receiver about to enter the NFL. I wasn’t sure how much more his stock could rise as I already had him pegged as a top five draft pick but his performance, even if it didn’t go far into the second half, has a solid chance to become the second player picked behind a generational quarterback. his stock is as high as a player can have.

Christian Barmore – DT Alabama UP

Interior linemen are a premium in the NFL so not having one that is considered a top ten pick is rare. I’m not sure Barmore will go in the top ten but he does have a chance to go in the top half of the draft (16) after his performance yesterday. His ability to penetrate and disrupt were on full display for NFL scouts to see and it will be interesting where he lands as I always thought he was a really good under tackle. He might have just jumped Daviyon Nixon as the best interior defensive lineman in the Draft.

Justin Fields – QB Ohio State EVEN

If you follow me in any capacity you already know that I am not high on Justin Fields as a franchise quarterback. I will say that I was surprised on how well he handled what I believe is his first taste of facing an NFL caliber defense. He performed better than i thought but he was still pedestrian as a passer. He is still probably the most physically gifted athlete in this years draft. I think Fields broke even on the night.

Wyatt Davis – OL Ohio State DOWN

Davis was certainly a late first round pick before the game kicked off but he did suffer an injury that looks to be a significant one. Davis had opted out of the year earlier then reversed course when his conference opted back in. I wonder if his initial decision was the correct one. If this injury is as big as how it looked, coming back to play will have a huge impact on ehre this talented player gets drafted.

Patrick Surtain – CB Alabama EVEN

Surtain certainly doesn’t have the big numbers that jump out on you but that is because his shutdown ability prevents teams from throwing in his direction. Opportunities will be more frequent at the next level but his status as a top ten pick was just secured.

Najee Harris – RB Alabama EVEN

Harris had a wonderful game but was overshadowed by the performance of others in the offense. His stock is up slightly even as there is a movement against drafting running backs in the first round. Either way, Harris should be a middle to late day one prospect who will be a welcome addition to any team that needs a versatile back.

Shaun Wade – CB Ohio State DOWN

I think that Wade took the biggest hit to his stock after Alabama shredded this secondary. Sure it wasn’t all his fault but his play against the elite in his league just took a massive hit. There are even some experts saying that Wade is not an NFL cornerback but rather a safety. Wade has struggled late this season and I think he still has a chance to stick to his more natural position.

Mac Jones – QB Alabama UP

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the biggest overall jump has to be Mac Jones. I already had him going to the Patriots with the 15th overall selection but it will be interesting to see if any of the other quarterback-needy teams make an earlier play for this steady signal-caller. Jones is a mixture of Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins.

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