NateDogg Got Beat Up and JohnnyB Is Annoying AF & In Other News.. I Shit A Lot Today | @JohnnyBofPSE @natedog_906 @noahblogz

Written by TrevStone

Ah! The good ol’ NateDogg. I don’t know if I like anyone more than Nate at Pro Sports Extra. Maybe Tyler, he’s a hard worker. But the Dogg and I go back to the Vegas trip. He’s a jolly time. Maybe not the jolliest. But he’s close. He’s fun. But rumor has it…. Rumor has it…. Rumor has it…

Nate got beat up tonight.

Yeah, Nate actually got beat up. I almost had to drive down a couple of hours to go jump the person who attacked him. And when I tell you attacked he was ATTACKED!

I just was clicking through my Instagram stories and…. BOOM! NateDogg must have got hit by a right hook!

Wait… NVM… A dog hit him? NateDogg gets taken out by a DOGG?

What the hell is his dogs name? Rocky?

I feel like Nate will be asking for a couple days off of video and probably blog content. I’d assume he got concussed by that right hook.

In other PSE news, JohnnyB annoyed me tonight.

I was enjoying watching HIS live stream that HE decided to do. That’s when a new PSE face joined the show, Noah, he’s hilarious. I decided to message Johnny about how I was enjoying Noah. Boom. Johnny tells Noah. Well way to go. Way to make it seem like the new kid joins the show once and he’s amazing. Yeah, he’s good. I thought he was funny and solid for camera/audio. Turns out that’s what he’s studying. But either way.. Instead on keeping it between us… Johnny tells everyone on the live stream.

Well… I had to message Noah after telling him that I’d like him to do more video/audio content. But c’mon Johnny. I wanted that to be a little hushed. Let the kid feel good but now his head is going to be bigger than Robert Wadlow’s head.

But then… I hear a BIG “WHY ISN’T TREVOR ON HERE BLAHA BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH” from Johnny. I was already wondering why he’d tell Noah the message I sent Johnny. Hey Johnny, don’t you realize that if we’re going to get the website going to another level, that I can’t be involved in everything? And the entire team can’t be involved in the same thing every night for 17 hours? I appreciate you guys doing this stream for 17 hours a day. But once in awhile that could be a handful of blogs that get 100x the views. But.. like I said I appreciate them doing the stream. And that it’s good content. Good for everyone to get to know each other. And I hope they continue to do it whenever they feel like. But I remember when I was 14 years old building this and someone told me that I was too hands on to everything.

Oh yeah, did you hear that? Since I was 14 years old.

If I don’t wanna be on your damn live stream and wanna just watch for a night. Or forever. Just do what you wanted to do and that’s stream watching sports 1000 hours a day.

Oh yeah, I shit a lot today too.

If you didn’t watch by now.. I graded the PSE creators. Now I wish I was able to change Johnny’s:

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