Nate Robinson Reached Out to Ben Askren after Jake Paul Loss

In an interview with Ariel Helwani today, Ben Askren revealed that Nate Robinson hit him up for support. Check it out.

The ‘hey man I was knocked out by Jake Paul too, it’s not that bad’ text has gotta be a pretty deflating one to get, right? I mean Ben Askren has spent his entire life at the peak of the combat sports world, and now Nate Robinson is giving him advice on how to handle adversity. That’s gotta sting the tuchus.

The craziest part of the clip to me was Nate supposedly telling Ben ‘the world will forget.’ Will it? When you hear the name Nate Robinson, what do you think? The slam dunk titles? The bulls run? No. You think about him completely pissed out on the canvas after getting rocked by a Youtuber. I agree with the whole ‘live moves on’ thing, but we can’d delude ourselves into thinking that the worlds gonna forget either of those knockouts anytime soon. Who’s up for Nate vs Ben in the ring?

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