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Natalie Monroe Drops Her OnlyFans Price To $5 For Everyone During Quarantine – @goIdandkisses

Written by TrevStone

Natalie Monroe is my favorite subscription on OnlyFans! She continues to impress me and everyone else who have subscribed to her on OnlyFans.

By now I’m sure you know why.

She’s one of the hottest women on the planet, and her work is unlike any others!

Natalie honestly has made quarantine go by a lot easier. To the point where she might be our only hope.

Natalie announced today that she will be lowering her OnlyFans price to $5 for everyone during this quarantine.

“I want to do my part to help, so my onlyfans will be only $5 as long as we’re quarantined. Also, most girls don’t post nude content – so be careful out in these streets. There’s a reason why I’m the top creator, Amen.”

Click here to go to Natalie’s OnlyFans!

Natalie Monroe (@goIdandkisses) | Twitter

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